Anna was born in Moscow, Russia in 1969.
Ten-year old Anna made her first painting in oils in Italy, where she lived with her parents. There she received professional lessons in painting for the first time. During her four years in Rome she developed her artistic taste in the atmosphere of the old masters of Italian Renaissance.

She was educated to be (at MGU of Lomonosov) and started as a translator and a literature specialist. This experience turned out to be very helpful for her development as an artist. However the last few years she has concentrated more and more on the arts.

Anna lived in Warsaw, Poland in 1998-2002. There she took a painting course at Warsaw Academy of fine arts. Her first successful expositions were organized there, in Warsaw. Later she continued trainings in art-studios of well-known Polish, Italian, Russian and Dutch artists.

She tried different techniques and favoured the direction of impressionism. At the same time she worked on her own style, which she named “fantasy impressionism”.

Anna lived in the Netherlands in 2002-2007. There she became a member of Exposition Art Union (Noord Holland, Opmeer), which promoted her art and helped organizing many exhibitions in art-salons and public organizations.

From 2008 Anna lives in Moscow with her husband and daughters Katia and Natasha. She takes her inspiration from nature, favourite books and human emotions. Anna is interested in music and sings herself.  Music is an inspiring power for her painting. She is well travelled and is influenced by different cultures, which is to be seen in her paintings. Her work was exhibited in Poland, Holland and now - in Russia.